We Have Questions About This Nic Cage In Kazakhstan Meme

Photo: Noam Galai/WireImage.
Becoming a meme is so easy nowadays that some celebrities are doing it on purpose. Others don't even have to try. For example. Nicolas Cage just walked out of his hotel room in Kazakhstan and became the funniest meme of the day. Just like that.
Can someone explain what is going on? It looks as if he just had a That's So Raven-esque vision and doesn't know what to do. And with all due respect to Kazakhstan, it's kind of a random place for the actor to be in.
It seems Cage is hanging out in Astana, Kazakhstan for the 13th Eurasia International Film Festival. He's wearing a traditional Kazakh robe, which is a nice gesture to the host country. Next to him is Sara Nazarbayeva, Kazakhstan's first lady, who looks fantastic in that all-white suit.
The photograph was clearly taken while Cage was lost in his thoughts. It's not his fault he has resting confused face. But that hasn't stopped the internet from exploding with memes.
Photo: Via @PersianRose1.
This is some fine meme content. But it still doesn't answer any pressing questions. Why is he at that festival? Whose idea was it for him to wear that? Is he getting paid? Why does he get to meet the first lady? Is Nicolas Cage a cult favorite over there in Kazakhstan? Will he move there? Are the shoes part of the ensemble or did he bring them? Is that real fur? Isn't it hot? Did he take a selfie with the first lady?
I'm ready for a Nic Cage tell-all about this one particular incident. Until then, this meme is going in the hall of fame.
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