The French Beauty Treatment That Hides My Hangover In 10 Minutes

I'm constantly daydreaming of being whisked off to the French Riviera, but for the foreseeable future, my heavy-handed pour of cabernet is the closest I'll ever get to Aix-en-Provence. And while I love a good glass of French vino, I'm not so crazy about the puffy, undereye bags that show up the morning after a few too many glasses.
Luckily, the French know skin care almost as well as they know wine — they clearly have lots of practice banishing any trace of hangover face— and I might've uncovered their well-kept secret.
Enter the Talika Eye Decompress, an innovative sheet mask for your tired, puffy, overworked eyes. The mask comes in an innovative two-part capsule: One side houses the blue treatment liquid; the other side, a little folded-up ball that expands out into the eye mask. It took me a few seconds to figure out how to pop the packaging so the liquid would spill out into the mask's chamber, but once I did, I felt like a low-level scientist. (Hey, hangovers are hard.)

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Delicately, I placed the mask over my eyes, and spent a quiet ten minutes to myself, taking in the calming, clean scent of rose and cornflower. The alone time without my phone screen was almost as necessary as the treatment itself. When I peeled it off, my undereye puffiness was visibly reduced — no lie. The whites of my eyeballs looked brighter (gone were the scary broken capillaries) and the skin around my eyes looked tighter and rejuvenated. The combination of pampering plus results has me thinking that these are going to become my go-to hangover remedy — right after I eat a big, greasy bagel sandwich. I'm still American, after all.
TALIKA Eye Decompress, $25, available at New London Pharmacy.
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