People Really Want To Know What Leonardo DiCaprio Is Carrying In This Plastic Bag

Leonardo DiCaprio went for a stroll around New York City on Saturday in seemingly casual weekend attire — cargo shorts, a hat, sunglasses, a sweater tied around his waist, and a grey v-neck shirt — that caught the internet's attention.
Photo: Backgrid
At first glance, the Oscar winner's threads seem fine, if not boring, but if you look closely, you'll see a circle protruding underneath his shirt right above his left peck. Multiple outlets have reported that the object is a heart monitor, but before you freak out, a source told Entertainment Tonight that the actor wore the gadget as part of a simple "routine checkup" and said nothing about any life-threatening conditions.
While fans were worried about the health-tracking device, The Cut noticed something else about DiCaprio's outfit, and now it's all we can think about: What is up with that purple plastic bag tied at his waist?
When I posited the question to my coworkers, one confidently speculated the Shutter Island star must have been toting around condoms. It's not a bad guess, honestly, and at least we'd know he's being safe.
The Cut had some thoughts, too, including "five to seven newsboy caps," "matching 'Female Body Inspector' shirts for the Pussy Posse," "various vaping accessories," and "his Oscar." These are all solid guesses.
Curiosity on the bag's contents even spread across the globe, reaching Elle Australia. There, they wondered if he could be carrying around a "Victoria's Secret catalogue with his next conquests circled" or "his next blockbuster script."
At this point, it could be anything. A hamster? Sure, why not. Five bags of gummy worms? Maybe!
But another question still looms: Why is DiCaprio wearing a plastic bag in the first place? The environmentalist encouraged fans to sign a pledge to not use plastic bags back in 2008, and in 2016 he lobbied to ban the distribution of single-use grocery bags in California. Are disposable bags okay if they're used as fanny packs?
Until theses mysteries are solved, at least we can find some solace knowing that even after all these years, the Titanic leading man is still full of surprises.

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