Coffee Ice Cream Cones Exist & We'll Never Drink Coffee From Anything Else Ever Again

Photographed by Nicole Maroon.
When it comes to coffee, we don’t usually like it served in anything other than a cup or mug. The drink is just too delicious and too much of a necessity to be messing around with what it’s poured into. For example, we were not here for that avocado latte which was served in an actual avocado. Surprisingly, however, we just came across one unconventional coffee cup substitute that we’d actually be willing to try out. It’s the coffee ice cream cone.
Just as its name suggests, the treat is a straightforward combination of a practical drink and a delicious dessert. It’s quite literally coffee served in an ice cream cone, and according to Mashable, Tokyo is home to a café that’s dedicated to the mashup. The café is aptly named Coffee Cone and based on photos from its Instagram feed, the customers can get coffee and tea served in all sorts of different types of cones.
Like all the best ice cream shops, Coffee Cone dips its cones in chocolate and then piles on sprinkles, nuts, matcha powder and more for an extra special twist. That’s certainly enough to make the dessert-drink hybrid stand out, but the shop adds even more flair by making sure each drinks’ surface has a special design. Latte smiley faces in a chocolate sprinkle cone anyone?
We've actually seen coffee served in cones before, but the ice cream cones from this Tokyo-base café are extra Instagram-worthy. Coffee Cone also offers something totally different. According to photos, customers can order soft serve-style ice cream served on top of coffee. Coffee Cone reposted a customer's Instagram photo of two cappuccinos, one topped with strawberry and vanilla swirled ice cream and the other finished with green tea ice cream. This place is really pushing the boundaries between coffee and dessert and we wouldn't have it any other way.
Before we knew about Coffee Cone, we didn't think we'd ever branch out on how we enjoy our morning caffeine fix, but these ice cream coffee combinations are tempting. If we ever find ourselves in Tokyo, we may not be able to help ourselves.
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