Someone Made A Latte In An Avocado & We Just Can't

Photographed by Andy Price.
Many millennial are sick and tired of Gen Y’s and Baby Boomers ragging on their so-called expensive avocado toast and daily lattes, and we get that. If someone wants to spend a portion of our incomes on artisanal toast and handcrafted coffees, that’s their business. That being said, we recently came across a café in Australia that took these two trendy foods to another level, and even we aren't sure if we can get on board.
PopSugar just brought our attention to an Instagram video posted by the Melbourne-based Truman Café. Though Truman’s Facebook page says that the café offers a "delicious and accessible menu," the shop’s newest creation seems more like millennial hate bait. It’s an avocado latte. While that may sound strange already, we’re not sure you’ve truly yet grasped just how out there the creation is. It’s not just a latte made with pureed avocados or avo-flavoring. No, compared to this new offering, that actually sounds pretty good. The avocado latte featured in the video is a latte served inside skin of an avocado. We’ll let that sink in.
The caption of the video posted by Truman Café says, "Combing two of Melbourne's obsessions - lattes and avo," but it's followed by a crying laughing emoji, which gave us hope that this item is just a joke. But another Instagram account, @lickyourphone, that mostly posts about food and travel posted a different video of steamed milk being expertly poured into an espresso-filled avocado. This user wrote, "THE AVOLATTE. Coffee poured into fresh avocado. Would you try it? " So, we really don't know what to think.
Is this an actual menu item or is this café just trolling us? And, if it is real, how much do these things cost? We reached out to the café for comment, so we'll keep you posted on what we hear. For the time being we'll just be shaking our heads at these Instagram videos and echoing what one commenter said, "Some people just wanna watch the world burn."

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