Today's Google Doodle Is Adorable & Tiny

Let’s face it: Monday mornings are tough, especially in the summer. Your mind is still on the weekend, and definitely not in the office. So after you’ve grabbed a cup of coffee and checked your inbox, head on over to Google for a little beginning of the week pick-me-up. Today’s Google Doodle isn’t just celebrating the 2017 Women’s Cricket World Cup; it’s also an interactive game.
The animated game is a simplified version of the (very complicated) sport. A small snail throws the cricket ball at you (an adorable wide-eyed cricket — get it). To swing the bat, you click a yellow button at the center of the screen. If you miss the ball, a groundhog announces that you are out. Try again! The doodle is simple, but totally addicting. There's something strangely satisfying about finally hitting a little ball over that big fence!
Image: Courtesy of Google.
Google also made sure this doodle is accessible for cricket fans worldwide, no matter how fast their internet connection. This Google Doodle’s file size is tiny — like bug-sized. “We kept the file size fly-sized, and the result is our smallest interactive Doodle ever — even snail networks can load it in seconds,” Google said in a statement. The doodle even has a mobile version, so you can play virtual cricket on the go.
The Women's Cricket World Cup is now in its semi-final round in England and runs through July 23. The next match is tomorrow, Tuesday, July 18, when you can watch the English women's team face off against the South Africans.
Even if you're not a cricket fan, this Google Doodle might inspire you to tune into the series (and finally learn what "sticky wicket" means). Summer Mondays might be tough, but at least you have a cute cricket to distract you.

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