Alicia Vikander Loves Wonder Woman As Much As We Do

Wonder Woman is far more than just a fun summer movie. For many women, both the film and its astounding success are deeply meaningful. Not only is it the first female-led superhero film, but it shattered records and glass ceilings at the box office when it became the highest-grossing movie made by a female director.
If watching Wonder Woman made you emotional, you have plenty of company, including Oscar winner Alicia Vikander.
“I went to the cinema and saw Wonder Woman the other day. It’s a mixture of joy and sadness pouring over me, as I was thinking, ‘Oh, my God, I haven’t seen women onscreen like that.’ And I wondered how many stories there have there been throughout the years that haven’t been told," Vikander told Entertainment Weekly. "If Wonder Woman made such an impact, which it deserves to, then we need to use ten times as much force to make some change. Because it needs to happen.”
Swan Gallet/Shutterstock/REX
Vikander herself is preparing for the role of another badass woman. She's starring as Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider reboot, which hits screens in 2018. The film will follow Croft as she leaves her London day job to embark on a search for her presumed-dead archeologist father.
“She has all the fierce, tough, curious, intelligent traits,” Vikander said of her character. "But we’ve stripped away all of her experience. She hasn’t gone on an adventure just yet. She thought he was a stuck up businessperson living in the modern youth culture of suburban London, but then this whole box of information. This is the beginning.”
We can't wait to watch Vikander kick ass and take names in her new role, and we love her enthusiasm about the potentially game-changing success of Wonder Woman.

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