Patty Jenkins Is Already Working On Wonder Woman 2

Photo: Warner Bros.
After the cultural phenomenon that was Wonder Woman, DC and Warner Bros. were quick to announce the film's sequel. While there haven't been any official statements released on just who will return — other than star Gal Gadot, of course — Entertainment Weekly reports that director Patty Jenkins is already at work on the film, albeit not officially as the director.
Jon Berg and Geoff Johns, the guys in charge of the DC films at Warner Bros., told Variety that there's already a team of people assembling to work on the film, Jenkins included. After the success of the first installment (according to ET, Wonder Woman has earned $573 million worldwide) it would make sense for the studio to capitalize on the popularity of the character and the mythos surrounding her experiences apart from the Justice League.
"Patty and I are writing the treatment right now," Johns told Variety. "The goal is to make another great Wonder Woman film."
So far, the only information revealed to fans is the time period, a focus on 1917 to 2017 (a broad span, to say the least), and Jenkins' enthusiasm to return to the franchise.
During an appearance promoting her Wonder Woman film, Jenkins said that she was hopeful that she'd be asked back for the sequel. She told Conan O'Brien that she had fallen in love with the mythology of the Amazons, the character of Wonder Woman herself, and the world surrounding her.
"It's amazing, because it feels like a long time coming and I know that I wished the movie had happened a long time ago, for many other reasons," she told O'Brien. "But, it feels like it hit this perfect pocket and I've loved that people have embraced it for that reason. And also, even the fact that Wonder Woman stands for love and truth, it's hitting home really hard that she is a superhero for everyone."
No release date has been set for Wonder Woman 2, but fans will get a chance to see her in action again during Justice League, which is set to hit theaters this November.
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