The Bachelorette's Dean Unglert Defends Description Of His Sikh Dad

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
There are many reasons to love Dean Unglert on The Bachelorette. For starters, there are those dimples. Then, there's his obvious discomfort on camera — something that makes him all the more endearing. In addition to all this, he operates a thoughtful, sweet Twitter presence, even when it comes to uncomfortable topics. When one fan tweeted at Unglert that she was "insulted" by his description of his Sikh dad on the show, he gave a gracious, thoughtful response. (Rachel, pick him!)
"Love you on #TheBachelorette but using the word 'eccentric' to describe your Sikh dad is kind of insulting to Sikhs like me :(," user Jasneet Dulai tweeted.
Unglert, who seemed nervous about bringing Rachel Lindsay home to his family, described his dad as 'eccentric' — in a preview clip from the upcoming hometowns episode, Unglert's dad is shown wearing a dastar, the traditional headwrap worn by Sikhs. Though nothing is mentioned about his father's religion on the show, Twitter users inquired after the Dastar, and Unglert confirmed his dad is a Sikh.
Unglert's response: "I understand what you mean. His eccentric behavior is not a product of his Sikh faith. I didn't mean for it to come across like that."
To which, Dulai said, "Thanks Dean - This is why you're my fave on the show!"
It's hard not to agree with Dulai. Unglert has repeatedly shown that he's considerate, self-aware, and generous on the show, especially for his young age. (He's 25.) Also, if you really scroll through his Twitter, he's obsessed with dogs, as the best people are. His fans have started tweeting photos of their dogs to him, which Unglert will then retweet or, if you're lucky, give a comment.
Like so:
Get this guy his own show, STAT.
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