Isaac Hempstead-Wright Hints That Bran's Powers Could Change Game Of Thrones History

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Don't let Bran's surprising absence from Game Of Thrones season 7 trailers fool you: actor Isaac Hempstead-Wright might know more about this upcoming season than anyone else. The 18-year-old, who plays the youngest (living) Stark on the HBO series, has spent most of his time on the show unable to walk, dragged from place to place as he explores his ability to conjure visions and see into the past. It's this last thing that might actually prove the most dangerous when it comes to the world of Westeros, and in an interview with TV Guide, Hempstead-Wright hinted at why.
"Bran now has access to the entire history of time, so hopefully as it goes on he will learn more and more about the specifics of all these events," he told the outlet. However, as we saw, he's able to do more than just observe time — he can interact with it, like that time when he said Ned Stark's name or when he effectively created Hodor.
"I think that's really the tip of the iceberg on what further damage Bran could do in terms of totally messing up time and the history of time," he continued. "Hopefully Bran's not going to start screwing around with the timeline again, otherwise we're all in trouble."
Emphasis on "hopefully." Hempstead-Wright remained pretty coy throughout the whole interview, meaning we may never know what he's actually thinking. He did, however, give us some more details on what this season holds for the newly-discovered Three-Eyed Raven.
"Now that Bran is the Three-Eyed Raven he is the arch enemy of the Night King," he explained to TV Guide. "He is the sworn nemesis of probably the scariest person in Westeros. That's really not a safe place for Bran to be, Westeros, at all right now.
"He should get out while he can and sit on a beach for a while," he joked. "Wait for it to blow over."
If we had to guess, we'd say there aren't any beaches in Bran's future, but is there a possible reunion with his family down the road?
"Oh, is that what it looks like?" he said in response to speculation. "I'm not sure. I know we saw him in a snazzy new wheelchair, but I couldn't possibly say where that wheelchair is positioned."
All will be revealed — hopefully smoothly — when the show returns to screens July 16.

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