Jenna Dewan Tatum Gets An Emotional Apology On Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry

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Jenna Dewan Tatum is reconnecting with her late grandfather thanks to Hollywood medium Tyler Henry. On an upcoming episode of his show, appropriately titled Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, Dewan Tatum's grandfather, Dudley, offers an emotional apology for his "very tragic" death that leaves the World Of Dance judge shook.
Henry says her grandfather had him "acknowledge that he was not in a coherent state of mind when he passed and he's actually having me acknowledge self-medication." Dudley wanted to apologize, according to Henry, "because he feels like the person he was when he was not self-medicating was very different than the person that he was when he was self-medicating."
Henry told Dewan Tatum that her grandfather "may have dealt with a specific addiction problem," which she says may have stemmed from mental illness. "I think he felt a lot of shame about it and didn't really, I think towards the end he stopped taking his medication," Dewan Tatum said.
Her grandfather, according to Henry, also cast himself as a "lone wolf," which the medium didn't quite understand. But, Dewan Tatum believed he may refer to himself in that way because he was "so distraught" after the death of his wife, her grandmother.
"They were together for so long, they were inseparable," she said. "When my grandmother died, it jarred the whole family but it really was jarring for my grandfather. He didn't know what to do. He sort of went down this path that Tyler picked up on that wasn't him and ultimately ending up in a really tragic death."
That's why Dewan Tatum wanted to be on the show, to help her family gain closure over the death of her grandfather. It's a common reason for celebrities to appear on the show. Back in May, Henry helped TLC's Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins connect with her late group mate Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez who died in 2002 in a car accident during a trip to Honduras.
To see if she's able to get the information that she needs to heal, watch Hollywood Medium July 12 on E!.
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