Kris Jenner's Hollywood Medium Reading Was Spookily Accurate

Anyone who thinks mediums aren't legit has got to witness the work of Tyler Henry. His readings with celebrities have been consistently accurate, and Kris Jenner's was no exception.

"I have people who are like in-laws coming through," he told her when she appeared on his show Hollywood Medium, according to a clip released by People. "I feel like he comes through as a grandfatherly figure. There's a reference to a William that I have to highlight." He also tells her he sees an oak tree.

William, it turned out, was the name of Caitlyn's father — and he trimmed trees for a living.

Lucky guess? Maybe, but this is eerie: "William is with a son that's deceased that would have passed away in a car accident," he says.

William's son Burt did in fact die in a car crash.

If you're a skeptic, you might wonder if Henry looked up this information in advance. But isn't there just a little part of you that wonders?


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