Zendaya Being Interviewed By A Mini Spider-Man Is Adorable

Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic.
Zendaya's whirlwind promotional tour for Spider-Man: Homecoming got a major dose of adorable when she sat down with a pint-sized interviewer.
According to Teen Vogue, Zendaya and Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland, got some face-time with Liam, a mini interviewer dressed as Spidey, complete with mask.
First things first: Liam showed up to the sit-down with a bouquet of flowers for Zendaya. That's an amazing way to get started, as evidenced by her reaction to the flowers, the costume, and the entire situation. After what was surely a very long day of mundane interview questions, there's no doubt that some face time with a kiddo was a welcome change. The bespectacled little reporter seemed super-excited to be there, too, because who wouldn't want to meet a superstar?
While Liam didn't seem nervous at all, there was a little bit of trepidation when he told Holland that he was planning on asking Zendaya out. As unprofessional as that may be for a reporter, Zendaya didn't seem perturbed. In fact, she seemed genuinely excited to get flowers from the little guy.
After Liam asked Holland some advice on the matter, he suggested something pretty simple to get on Zendaya's good side: a compliment.
"If Spider-Man wanted to take you on a date, where would you go?" Liam later asked Zendaya.
"Maybe like, the top of a really cool building with a really great view," she told him. Score one for the kid with web-slinging capabilities.
After Liam's quick-fire questions and a very timely tennis-related joke (which earned a sincere chuckle from Zendaya), he snapped a few photos with his newfound friends. Zendaya and Holland both agreed that it was the best interview experience ever, by the best-dressed reporter ever.
Check it out — and get some tips on how to pose with your own web-slinging equipment — below.
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