Migos Was Kicked Off A Flight & Their Manager Says It Was Racial Profiling

Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images.
Migos' manager is not mincing words about why the rappers were thrown off a recent Delta flight under claism of a safety issue. In an interview with TMZ, the rap trio's manager, who was not identified by name, said it was actually racial profiling that got Migos removed from the airplane.
Variety reported that the "Bad and Boujee" rappers were traveling from Atlanta, GA to Des Moines, IA to play a show, but the plane took off without them. According to a statement Variety received from Delta, "Delta flight 1532 from Atlanta to Des Moines returned to the gate, prior to departure, to deplane several customers seated in the First Class cabin who repeatedly refused to follow crew member instructions to buckle their seatbelts and stow carry-on items in the overhead bins."
Migos' manager refuted Delta's claims, telling TMZ the three members were in first class and had fallen asleep shortly after boarding. Takeoff's bag was allegedly on the floor of the plane instead of the overhead bin. When a flight attendant asked him to put his bag in the bin, he was asleep and didn't hear, which is why their manager alleges Takeoff didn't comply with directions. When the bag was not placed in the overhead bin before takeoff the pilot decided to turn around and Takeoff was removed from the flight. In solidarity, fellow members Quavo and Offset, along with their manager, exited the plane with him.
In a video posted online, Migos is seen talking to a Delta spokesperson about why they were kicked off the aircraft. In the short clip, the manager threatens to sue Delta for causing them to miss their show and claims the incident was an act of racial profiling.
Delta told TMZ that the airlines rebooked Migos on an alternate flight, which did get them to the show on time. At this time, neither Migos nor their manager has said whether they will take legal action against Delta.
This is not the first time Migos' has had a problem in the friendly skies. According to Complex, Offset was reportedly removed from an American Airlines flight back in February for using his cellphone.
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