Ikea Is Collaborating With Beyoncé & Lady Gaga's Stylist & It's As Major As You'd Expect

Photo: Courtesy of Ikea.
Stylist Bea Åkerlund says she can't live without red lipstick. So it makes sense that one of her pieces for Ikea's new Omedelbar collection is a red lip-shaped cushion, true to the playful aesthetic she's created while working with Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and other pop stars.
Åkerlund's limited-edition collection — which is set to be released on March 2018 — will feature curiosities like glass hats (they make great centerpieces), 3-D-printed hands to display jewelry, and a studded leather chair.
"It’s a collection for the people: a Bea-Ikea mashup. I wanted it to be fun, relatable, and accessible to everyone," she said in an interview on Ikea's website. "It’s a collection that allows for not taking life so seriously. I want people to have a little fun in their lives. You can get one hand and put it on the wall, or 100 hands and turn it into a piece of art. Buy one lip pillow, or buy 20 to create a lip-pillow ocean. Fill the hat with anything: from apples to your collection of buttons, to your bathroom essentials. It’s really all up to you."
That anything-goes sense goes all the way back to Åkerlund's childhood; she was playing with fashion as far back as she can remember.
"Every day was like my runway, every day a new character. So I’d theme-dress, and that was my weapon. It was my weapon to communicate to the world who I was," she said. "I view the world as my playground, and I’ve always lived by staying true to who I am."
Watch Åkerlund's Hollywood-goth-glam vision come together in the video below. We'll update this story as we learn more about the collection.
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