This Is Your Friendly Reminder That 7-Eleven Day (& Free Slurpees) Are Coming

Usually, for someone's birthday, you're the one expected to do something, whether's its a simple Facebook greeting or an elaborate gift. But sometimes, if we're lucky, we get a freebie someone else (or something else) celebrating another year of being around.
Such is the case with 7-Eleven, which is celebrating 90 years of grab-and-go convenience in the most nostalgic way possible: with free Slurpees all day. While the idea of 7-Eleven Day falling on July 11 has more to do with the neat symmetry of celebrating another year on the eleventh day of the seventh month than an actual date of the chain's founding, we're not complaining. Especially because it means we can get a free small Slurpee between the hours of 11am-7pm. (See what they did there?)
The offer extends to all Slurpees, though celebrants will have a chance to try the current limited-edition cotton candy. If that's too adventurous, the classics, like Coca-Cola and Cherry, will also be available. And if you're thinking the number-themed rewards end there, you're wrong. July 11 only kicks off 7Rewards week — come back every day after that until July 18, and you can earn a freebie when you use the 7-Eleven app with every purchase of a Slurpee, Big Gulp, or iced or hot coffee in stores.
7-Eleven Day isn't the only Slurpee-themed annual holiday the store offers. In addition to free frozen goodness for all in July, the chain also celebrates Bring Your Own Cup Day in the spring to celebrate the return of Slurpee season. While you might not be able to get as much Slurpee as those brave souls who have brought everything from KFC chicken buckets to coffee carafes to drink out of, the Slurpee bounty on July 11 will be completely free, and it's hard to argue with that.

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