Laverne Cox Credits Amiyah Scott With This Important TV Record

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Laverne Cox and Amiyah Scott have both made names for themselves in the entertainment industry. Not just as talented actresses, but as some of the first transgender actresses to play transgender characters on major network television series. For Amiyah Scott, it was for her leading role in Star. For Laverne Cox, it was for her role as a lawyer in Doubt.
In celebration of her history-making achievement, Amiyah Scott shared the tweet below.
It sparked some confusion amongst the Twitter community, some of which believed that the title belonged to Laverne Cox. Scott replied in a way that was both supportive of her fellow actress, but also set the record straight.
Happy to celebrate the successes of Scott and what it means for the transgender community as a whole was Laverne Cox herself.
She confirmed Scott's statement that her show Star had premiered before Cox's show Doubt.
In a beautiful moment of support for her fellow actresses and a great example of how to have a productive discussion online, Cox also credits Sense8 actress Jamie Clayton for her achievements in the streaming category.
Amiyah Scott rejoined the conversation adding an important point that sometimes the media doesn't always credit accordingly.
Laverne Cox responded to clarify how the media could have misconstrued who had earned the title, many of whom believed that she had earned it for her role on Orange Is The New Black. Seriously, can't all Twitter discussions be this informative and productive?
Praising Scott for her work on Star, Cox displays humility as she thanked Scott for having the courage to set the record straight.
When asked why she and Scott were fighting on Twitter, Cox was quick to let their followers know that there is a difference between fighting and accountability.
While it is a special honor to be the very first, Cox and Scott proved that while first is important, creating opportunities for more transgender actresses and actors to play prominent roles and have a voice and a platform is even more important. Their openness, humility, and mutual respect for each other is admirable. Cox says it best with her Instagram post, "Scarcity is a myth. There is room for all of us."
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