The Game Of Thrones Theory Everyone Wants To See Resolved Has A New Twist

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Since Game of Thrones hit television screens, fan theories have been swirled around nearly every character. One of the most popular ones, surrounding the parentage of Jon Snow, seemed to get some clarification at the end of season 6, but Time reports that during a panel discussion at Con of Thrones, the show's famed dragons could be one way to delve deeper into Snow's lineage.
Because there's no Westerosi equivalent of Maury Povich or DNA saliva tests, fans at the panel proposed a more dragon-based genetics analysis.
After Bran Stark entered a flashback and witnessed Snow's birth at the Tower of Joy, it seemed like the show was confirming the popular R+J theory, which posits that "Jon is not the illegitimate child of Ned Stark but rather the son of his sister Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen," according to Time. But because Bran's the only one that saw that piece of history and he's not really in any position to shout the news to all of Westeros, fans are looking for more confirmation — and finding that dragons are the answer.
"How cool would that be for the dragons to recognize [Jon]," YouTube creator Rawrist suggested at the panel, Time reports. "He's a dragon seed at the very least — he has Targaryen blood in him. If he went to the dragons and one of the dragons came to him — especially [Rhaegal], the one named after his biological dad — and the dragon recognizes him and bows its head and lets him get on it..."
If fans are right, the dragons embracing Snow would put him in the running as one of the three prophesied figures that could ride the dragons into what most assume is a surefire victory. And since the show's gone completely off-book and George R. R. Martin's continuity isn't a reliable predictor any longer, all bets are off and anything is possible.
But even if the dragons are a reliable source of paternity news, there is the issue of Jon Snow actually meeting up with them. That's a problem, since he's up in the snowy white North and Daenerys Targaryen's trio of fire-breathing beasts are pretty far away. If and when Snow and Dany do meet up, it's sure to be epic, since fans have been waiting (and waiting) for the two to join forces since day one.
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