The Family That Exercises Together Stays Together

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An adorable new video is giving the internet a hilarious look at what trying to exercise with a toddler at home is really like. Blogger, speaker, and entrepreneur Samantha Broxton posted the video of her attempt at a backyard yoga session with her husband. Her toddler, however, clearly wanted to get in on the action.
Broxton captioned the video, "The struggle is real when trying to live your best life with an adorable toddler!" and it is so true. TBH, I'm just impressed that she managed to find the time to even attempt to do yoga with a small human running around. I'm also impressed at the couple's ability to hold a pose while being used as climbing equipment.
It really takes "Baby and Me Yoga" to a whole other level. I preferred the classes I took after having my older daughter, when she was too young to go anywhere and would basically just lay on the mat and look up at me while I tried to contort my postpartum body into unimpressive positions. Sometimes, though, I sat on my yoga mat and nursed her the entire time, which felt like a waste of money but hey, at least I got out of the house.
These days, I've taught my own toddler to do downward dog and we do yoga before bed to help her calm down and center herself. But seeing this video is giving me major #familygoals, though I'm not sure I'd be able to hold my poses — or a straight face — nearly as well as this mom and dad are managing.
When you're parent to small children, finding time to take care of yourself and commit to your own routine and body is hard. This couple has the right idea, making the best of their current situation, refusing to let their little one ruin their plans, rolling with what comes, and making it a family effort. Brava.
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