Hilary Duff Revealed What Lizzie McGuire Would Be Doing Today

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On Younger, Hilary Duff's character, Kelsey, has made a name for herself at a young age. Kelsey is the youngest-ever editor to have her own imprint at Empirical Press, fittingly titled Millennial Print.
But it sounds like Duff doesn't think her other famous TV role would be quite so successful in the modern age.
When MTV asked Duff if Kelsey is a "grown-up Lizzie," the actress was quick to deny the comparison.
"I think Lizzie McGuire would be an intern still, like, dropping papers all over the floor."
If Lizzie was 13 when Lizzie McGuire first aired in 2001, that would make her 29 years old in 2017. That's probably a little old to be an intern — but if Younger's taught us anything, it's never too late to reinvent yourself or to pursue your dream career.
Still, I wonder if we're asking the right questions here. Kelsey isn't a "grown-up Lizzie" — they're both independent women, but the characters couldn't be more different. Lizzie was a very creative mind; it's hard to imagine she'd be happy behind a desk editing other people's masterpieces. Lizzie would totally be an artist of some kind, creating her own work — she wouldn't be working somewhere there'd be papers to drop everywhere in the first place.
There is one thing Kelsey and Lizzie have in common, though.
"She's still flailing a little bit, but she is kicking ass and taking names," Duff told MTV of her Younger character. "That's what I want for young people that are ambitious and maybe slightly still funky in their own skin. She's finding her way, but she's doing it, and I think that's what Lizzie McGuire would be doing right now."
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