Trump Hung Fake Magazines Praising Himself At His Golf Clubs & Time Isn't Having It

Donald Trump, the man who decries "fake news" every chance he gets, literally has fake Time magazine covers celebrating himself adorning the walls of at least five of his golf clubs, according to a damning report by The Washington Post.
In The Washington Post's tweet from this morning, the outlet cleverly pointed out some of the fake cover's style mistakes, including the thinner border, the placement of the secondary headlines, and the incorrect date in the upper-right corner (there was, in fact, no Time edition released on March 1, 2009, as the phony copy suggests).
For those who need a quick reminder, the president has been aggressively tweeting about fake news since even before he took office, letting out his latest tirade this morning.
The president even retweeted a photo someone posted mocking CNN's logo.
The childish rant was in reference to CNN's firing of three employees after they retracted an article regarding the Trump administration's ties to a Russian investment fund. Instead of interpreting the firings as the network's way of taking responsibility for its errors, Trump persecuted the entire organization while also lumping in NBC, CBS, ABC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post for good measure.
It's a welcomed coincidence that on the exact same day as said rant, The Washington Post's David A. Fahrenthold slammed Trump for his ridiculous attempt at self-praise and got the internet to erupt into a cacophony of cries asking "who posts fake news now, sucker?"
To make things even better, Time later responded to The Washington Post confirming that they never published exclamation-laden cover. A spokesperson also told the paper that the magazine had also contacted the Trump Organization and asked for the removal of the photoshopped glossies from Trump Golf clubs.
Though the embarrassing revelation isn't likely to deter the president or his administration from blasting the wicked mainstream media, we fully support everyone taking a moment to savor just how good the delicious irony tastes.

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