So THIS Is Where You've Seen GLOW's Justine Before

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
If you happened to binge on Netflix’s GLOW over the weekend, then in addition to having a new appreciation for televised lady wrestling, you may have had a déjà vu or two.
For me personally, it happened during episode 5, when Justine (Britt Baron), our favorite little anarchist expressed her love for — light spoiler — the pizza delivery guy. While holding a pizza box and staring lovingly into the guy’s eyes, there was a moment I thought, where have I seen her before?
Thankfully, Popsugar did a little digging and discovered that Baron was a guest star in season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy. In the episode “Don’t Stop Me Now” she plays Mary, a patient with possibly the most stomach-churning ailment we've ever seen depicted on TV.
In a series spanning more than a dozen seasons over the course of several years, we’ve seen countless diseases and conditions on Grey's. All of which we’d like to forget. However, Baron’s affliction was possibly the grossest of them all. She had worms. Lots and lots of worms. And the episode may be the reason why I subconsciously haven’t tuned into Grey’s in several weeks.
In a photo posted on Instagram back in April, the actress shared a photo of herself on set.
“Surrounded by my heroes. Tonight on Grey's I get to be one of the most disgusting patients of all time! Dreams man. Dreams,” her caption read.
A further glimpse on Baron’s IMDB page also revealed that she also appeared in two episodes of Criminal Minds and has a few smaller parts under her belt. Popsugar also noted that she’s also a student of the stage, having starred in productions of East of Eden and Grand Concourse.

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