Camila Cabello Sings Adele, Justin Bieber, And More In Under 6 Minutes

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC.
We knew Camila Cabello could sing, but girl can SING! Fans tweeted summer-inspired lyrics to Jimmy Fallon under the hashtag "SummerSongs" and The Tonight Show turned them into bonafide summer hits. Of course, they had a little help from Cabello's amazing singing voice.
The Tonight Show is always having musicians sing in other vocalists' voices, but that wasn't challenging enough for Cabello. Instead, she sang fan submitted lyrics to the tune of hits like Justin Bieber's "Sorry," Adele's "Hello," and "Waterfalls" by TLC.
The fans did not disappoint.
"All I do is swim, swim, swim, no matter what / Got sunshine on my mind / I can never get enough," Cabello sang along to "All I Do Is Win" by DJ Khaled.
Then, they brought out a Whitney Houston classic "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" (which is always a summer jam, if you ask me) with "Oh I wanna grill with somebody / I wanna cook hot dogs with somebody / Yeah, I wanna grill with somebody / With somebody who loves me."
Some of the parodies were way too real. The parody of "I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly were "I believe I will fry / From the heat coming from the sky / I have the AC on all night and day / Now there's more bills that I gotta pay." To turn the AC on or to not turn the AC on, that is the eternal summer struggle.
In the midst of all the iconic songs, we can't forget why Cabello came on the show! The 20-year-old is currently promoting her single "Crying In The Club." The song is her first release since parting ways with girl group Fifth Harmony in December of 2016. So, in keeping with the spirit, Cabello sang a parody of her own song.
"Number one, tell me why did you get burned / When I know that you've got sunscreen in your purse."
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