Aubrey Plaza Got Stoned With Some Nuns

Aubrey Plaza participated in what has to be the strangest, most entertaining press tour this week to promote her new movie, The Little Hours, which centers around some very raunchy nuns, including one played by Alison Brie.
In addition to hitting the late-night and morning shows, Plaza kicked back and burned a few down with two "weed nuns" from the group Sisters of the Valley, based out of Merced, California, according to The Cut. See the hilarious video below.
While the women aren't actually nuns from the Catholic church, they told Plaza they do believe that what they do is "spiritual" and that they have faith in a higher power.
“The reason we grow weed is to support ourselves, and also to create honorable, spiritual jobs for women,” Sister Kate said, later adding: “We believe that there is a creator, God, that created all of this. We are all a different set of eyes for God to look out at his creation and to experience life on this planet and that we all have a little bit of God in us.”
So, why did they choose to call themselves nuns if they aren't actually affiliated with the faith? Well, Sister Kate said that they decided to don the traditional black-and-white robes after Congress declared pizza was a vegetable. If the government could make absurd claims, then they could, too.
But, before you write them off completely, they sisters said that they did take vows of “chastity, ecology, activism, living in service.” A stunned Plaza couldn’t believe why anyone would take a chastity vow, to which they responded, “Let’s just say we’ve privatized our sexuality.”
Together, they trimmed buds, shared stories, joked about Catholic guilt, and talked about modern medical practices in the United States.
“It’s unfortunate that our medical system has been so oppressive in keeping the knowledge of holistic medicine suppressed," Sister Kate said. "But, I really think that the gig is up.”
Before wrapping up their hour-long chat, the nuns tried to convince Plaza to become a weed nun, adding that their position is "if Jesus lived, he probably smoked weed."

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