Kathryn Hahn Was Stuck As The Basic "Best Friend" For Years

Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty Images.
There is nothing wrong with being a good friend. In fact, having a trustworthy, funny, and interesting best friend is one of the greatest gifts in the entire world. But being consistently typecast to portray a doting and wisecracking friend can be... what's the word... the worst. Just ask Kathryn Hahn.
During the Comedy Actress Roundtable with The Hollywood Reporter, the 43-year-old actress acknowledges about the "best friend" phase of her career. In the two most notable films where she played the stereotypical supportive bestie, her characters even had the exact same name — they were that similar and generic. She played Michelle, a co-worker of Kate Hudson's lead character, Andie, in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. And she was Michelle, again, in A Lot Like Love, opposite Amanda Peet, who played a woman named Emily.
Now, in 2017 with a gripping show, I Love Dick, on Amazon, Hahn is ready to joke about that early and transitional time in her career. "Judy Greer and I both had been playing best friends at the same, always neck and neck for the same best-friend parts, and my husband was like, 'You guys should do, like, a... movie where it's the best friends, and every so often you see Kate Hudson running around [in the background],'" she said during the panel.
This isn't the first time that Hahn has talked about the best friend chapter in her life, but this is the first time she's posed the idea of a film spoofing it. And now, she may have to make her husband's idea happen. Twitter demands it!
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