Will Ferrell Is In Full Support Of The Summer 'Stache

The only real downside of being a trendsetter is that you’ll have to accept the inevitable army of copycats that follow. Clearly, Jimmy Fallon was not prepared for that kind of chain reaction when he declared 2017 the Summer of ‘Stache — because when Will Ferrell showed up on The Tonight Show last night decked out in Wilford Brimley-style facial hair, Fallon seemed more threatened by his fellow comedian’s luscious handlebar mustache than flattered.
After seeing Fallon’s segment last week in which he revealed his newly mustachioed aesthetic, Ferrell took it as a challenge: He, too, would grow out some statement facial hair of his own, and he’d put Fallon’s to shame in the process. Long, blonde, and decidedly extravagant, the actor, who’s currently promoting his upcoming movie The House, claimed that the flamboyant style was full of wisdom. “How long have you been growing out this guy?” Fallon asked. “About a week, at least,” Ferrell casually replied.
But in the end, it was Ferrell who admitted he was envious of Fallon’s new look. He eventually removed the faux ‘stache, but he didn’t let it go to waste: Instead, he handed it off to a female audience member, who accepted the gift gladly. “Young lady, you’re going to get some action tonight,” Ferrell promised.
If 2017 truly is the Summer of ‘Stache, then this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of famous men wearing their facial hair loud and proud. We're now officially on Celebrity Mustache Watch, so let the games — and the hair growth — begin.

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