This Woman Used Snapchat To Pick A Nail Polish — & It's Genius

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a hard time picking a single nail polish shade at the salon. And those color wheels? Hardly helpful. Luckily, 18-year-old Emma Young recently discovered an ingenious way to pick out a hue that makes the process so much easier — all you need is the Snapchat app.
Young told Buzzfeed that she couldn't decide on the right color for her manicure because it was hard to envision what each one would look like on her nails, so she started experimenting with Snapchat’s custom stickers. (For anyone unfamiliar, that's the feature that lets you to create a sticker from objects in your personal snaps.)
Using the tool, Young discovered she could take a picture of a nail polish shade that was displayed on a fake nail, create a sticker, then place it over the photo of her own nail. Apparently, the entire process took her less than a minute, and helped her reach her polish decision.
Young posted her revelation to Twitter, and — despite the fact that she considered it to be a "lighthearted post" — the internet loved it. Teen Vogue reported that people were so floored with the imaginative idea that, over the course of two days, the original tweet of the hack had more than 259,000 likes and 91,000 retweets.
Even better: This trick means you'll no longer have to wait until the technician finishes painting on the first coat of polish to your nails before deciding if you like it. Talk about the beauty of technology.
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