Scarlett Johansson Met Her Doppelgänger & They Had The Best Time Together

Back in April, Scarlett Johansson received word that she has a doppelgänger thanks to a viral Reddit post. (The wonders of the Internet never cease.) It all began when 72-year-old Geraldine Dodd's grandson posted a throwback photo captioned: “My Grandma Looked Like Scarlett Johansson When She Was Younger.” As you can see, he wasn't exaggerating.
When ScarJo learned about the photo, she immediately filmed a video for Grandma Geraldine saying she wanted to meet her in person. Johansson invited her to the Rough Night premiere so the two could have a few drinks. "I'll see you at the bar. Be there or be square," she said in the video.
Dodd was definitely not square and the pair finally met in person last week. Johansson gave all the details to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show Friday night and confirmed she and her lookalike had an amazing time together.
“[Dodd] was also really wasted in that picture," the actress told Colbert. "And so when I found out that obviously she looked exactly like me but she was wasted, I was like, ‘You should come and we should get wasted together at the Rough Night premiere.’ And so she came last night to the Rough Night premiere and we did get kind of trashed.”
But that's not all: it sounds like the two really bonded. ScarJo also told Colbert that she definitely plans to hang out with Dodd again.
“She was such a nice woman,” she said. “Honestly, it was wonderful to meet her. She’s from Arkansas and her daughter, of course, owns a bar and so — and I will eventually make my way to Arkansas and continue this family reunion. She’s just awesome.”
It sounds like this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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