Karlie Kloss Tried Out These Viral Recipes & Here's What Happened

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Karlie Kloss put her cooking skills to the test for her Youtube channel. Of course, this is not Kloss' first foray into the cooking world. The 24-year-old model already has a cooking series on her Youtube channel called Klossy Kitchen where she regularly tries different recipes to show to her subscribers. She also collaborated with Momofuku Milk Bar to develop a line of vegan and gluten-free treats called Karlie’s Kookies.
In the latest episode of Klossy Kitchen though, she starts off by saying she wants to try something "very special." The premise? To try three viral recipes for the first time and then decide which were worth their weight in Instagram likes.
She started off by trying cloud eggs which involves separating the egg white and whipping it until fluffy. This bakes for a few short minutes before the yoke is ready on top and baked again. The model-turned coder-turned home chef gave them her seal of approval saying that the brunch-ready recipe was "worth trying."
Next, Kloss tried her hand at aquarium cookies. These involve a curious combination of jolly ranchers and white chocolate combined onto a classic sugar cookie. While she admitted that they looked really cute, she had one critique. They get stuck in your teeth. This realization lead her to pass on the Instagrammable treat saying that they were "not worth the effort."
Finally, she put ice-cube tray chocolates to the test, which are basically a healthier version of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. With barely the first bite, Karlie Kloss labeled this one her favorite of the three. "What's not to love?" she said. "It's chocolate, it's almond butter, a little bit of sea salt, perfectly cold." As if we needed any more convincing.
Kloss' experiment may convince you to try a few viral recipes of your own.
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