We Just Found Your New Favorite Fruit Snacks

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
What's on my desk this week? A pack of fruit sticks from natural global snacking company N.A! (Nature's Addicts). Now over the course of our Snack On This! series, I've sampled and snacked my fair share of more than mentionable nosh — some savory, some sweet. Though different in flavor profiles, textures, and sizes, what have all of these snacks shared? A certain nostalgia factor. Each week I've selected a snack that somehow takes me back to my favorite munches from younger years — and this week's treat is no exception. Think about your favorite gummies from pre-school (or okay, maybe from yesterday — cause let's be honest, we're still crushing Welch's), and then imagine that pack of gummy-goodness all grown up. That's exactly what these N.A! fruit sticks are like.
Our Food Team members seriously could not put these little packs down. The favorite flavor at hand was Apple Mango Passion Fruit (made from 100% fruit with one serving of fruit per pouch) — it tastes like juicy dried mango in mini Fruit Roll-Up bite-sized gummy form. These resealable and travel-friendly pouches are also sold in Apple Raspberry and Chocolate-Covered Orange Apple flavors that you can pick up online for just $1.99 a pop. So while we'll still be chewing on our favorite packs of younger-year gummies (for the foreseeable future), these sophisticated fruit sticks have just made the top of my list for go-to packable and all-natural summer snacks.
*Hot Tip: Throw some of your favorite mixed nuts into one of these resealable pouches for a sweet and protein-packed snack on-the-go.
Welcome to Snack On This! A weekly series on all-things crunchy, crispy, smooth, savory, and sweet. Join us as we munch our way through the latest snacks that get a big thumbs up from our food team. (That usually means they've made it all the way from our mail pile to a more permanent spot in our not-so-official snack drawer.) Got suggestions for next week? Throw 'em our way in the comments below.

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