This Mom Trying Not To Text & Drive Sent Her Son The Funniest Message

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Watching your parents struggle to work their technology can be extremely frustrating, but sometimes their tech fails lead to hilariously strange texts.
Take Gerald Austin Taylor, for example, who tweeted a screenshot of texts he recently got from his mom. The first text started off pretty average. "There's also some fried fish," it read, followed by, "oh honey I know you are not fixing to get over in my lane." Um, Mom, what are you talking about?
It turns out, the weird message came down to Taylor's mom trying not to text and drive. "My mother likes to use the microphone function rather than typing to text while driving," Taylor explained in his tweet. Good for her for being safe, but maybe just wait until you're out of the car and can text normally next time.
She quickly followed up with a second text that signaled the end of the message was a mistake. "Oh oops," she told her son.
Based on the "oh honey," it's obvious Taylor's mom is southern (his Twitter bio says he's from Louisiana), but some people interpreted it as a polite way to express road rage.
As someone who spent the majority of her young life in the South, I'm here to tell you that "oh honey" was anything but. While it doesn't sound as crass as cussing, "oh honey" has the same connotation as "no offense" — what follows is almost always offensive. Oh honey, how could you not know that?
The children of Twitter found the tweet hilarious, and a few people shared their parents' similar microphone mishaps.
Yelling alone in your car about others on the road is (I assume) a universal experience, and your phone capturing these ramblings is a pretty new development that offers everyone else a glimpse of what level of road rage you exhibit.

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