Here Are The Best Recipes For Your Zodiac Signs

Photographed by Monte Farber.
Maybe you have a rolodex of recipes on hand for those occasions when you're in the mood to whip up something special (at least a little more special than the usual takeout or frozen pizza). Or maybe you're a culinary wizard who can throw fancy meals together on the fly — sans recipes. But if you don't happen to fall into either of those crafty categories, we may be able to help you out in your quest for ideal meal-making. That's where horoscopes come in.
When you're unsure of what to cook, or even how to cook, why not turn to zodiac signs for support? After all, we seem to look to our astrological signs for guidance in just about every other life query (e.g. Will my Hinge date ghost me this weekend? Or will I go broke this summer as a bridesmaid?) But let's put those questions aside for now, and get to the more urgent (digestible) one at hand: What do I want to make tonight? Luckily, astrologers Monte Farber and Amy Zerner, along with Chef John Okas, have all that kitchen wisdom covered for us ahead. Check out the best recipes for your zodiac sign excerpted from her horoscope cookbook: Signs & Seasons. And now that you've got cooking covered, you can spend that extra energy pondering the upcoming retrograde.

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