People Keep Ignoring Draco Malfoy & It's Hilarious

Tom Felton really does put the sly in Slytherin, doesn't he?
The British actor best known for playing bleached brat Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films doesn't have an invisibility cloak, but he might as well. Once again he's gone completely unnoticed in a highly public situation, with hilarious results. Hell, he's probably hovering behind your shoulder reading this right now.
Let's examine the evidence.
In 2014, Felton pranked pal and former costar Rupert Grint by wearing a disguise as he waited outside the Broadway theater where the Ron Weasley actor was performing in It's Only a Play. Neither Grint nor most of the autograph-seekers surrounding him were the wiser.
Flash-forward to this April, where he brazenly put on a Slytherin sweatshirt and snuck into a Vancouver screening of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets while The Flash costar Jesse L. Martin wore a scarf in the Slytherin house colors of green and white. Somehow, they weren't mobbed by young fans.
And now, as Entertainment Weekly reports, he's taken a break from filming Ophelia in Prague to literally stand in the streets of Old Town with a guitar in his arms and a song in his heart. And how do people react? By completely ignoring him.
A new video posted to his Instagram shows Felton singing and strumming his guitar while passersby avoid eye contact and go about their business. Is the Czech Republic not into Harry Potter? Are they all Hufflepuffs? Does he need to touch up his peroxide? Seriously, 500 points from Gryffindor, guys.

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Via Instagram.
The moral of the story: Be more vigilant. You never know where Draco might be lurking.
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