The Game Of Thrones After-Show Is Moving To Twitter

Brace yourselves, Twitter is coming. (No? Okay, I tried.)
The Game of Thrones after show, once named After the Thrones and recently retitled Talk the Thrones, is headed to Twitter and Periscope for your viewing pleasure, according to Mashable.
Bill Simmons, the host of the popular show and C.E.O. of The Ringer, told The Hollywood Reporter that the move was inspired by postgame sport segments, for which Twitter provides an excellent platform for he and his fellow Talk the Thrones commentators — Mallory Rubin, Andy Greenwald, and Chris Ryan.
"We love Game of Thrones and we love the way Twitter is thinking about content right now, so we jumped at the chance to blow out our Thrones show into an interactive multimedia experience — something that reacts immediately to what just happened, almost like a postgame show in sports," Simmons told THR.
Twitter is pretty excited about the move, too. The company's C.O.O. and C.F.O., Anthony Noto, told THR that bringing Talk the Thrones to the social media platform will be a great way for fans to see reactions instantaneously and to immerse themselves in the conversation — not to mention a great way to keep people on the website and possibly generate some revenue.
"Talk the Thrones brings the witty banter and real-time analysis you find on Twitter to a live show with hosts that keep it engaging well after the TV show ends," Noto told THR. "The Ringer continues to produce unique live shows about some of the most discussed entertainment and sports topics on Twitter."

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