None Of The Contestants Are Ready For Next Week's Bachelorette Spelling Bee

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
When competing for the love of your life, you have to pull out all the stops. It's not enough to walk the walk, you have to talk the talk — and be able to spell it all correctly, too. That's why this upcoming episode of The Bachelorette puts the contestants head-to-head in an old-fashioned spelling bee. Yep, no stripping or mud-wrestling here. This time around, Rachel Lindsay is all about the brains.
"So far I've tested the men on group dates in a number of ways," the 32-year-old explains in the video. "I've tested their dancing and stripping skills and today I'm going to test their cerebral skills."
As a lawyer, Rachel definitely needs a partner who can measure up to her smarts, but if the men's faces are to be believed, spelling is harder than it looks.
"It takes a lot to embarrass me," Iggy says upon discovering the challenge ahead. "But, my potential girlfriend right in front of me? She could think I'm an idiot."
Others, like Kenny, are more confident. He's excited to show Rachel that he's not just brawn, but brains as well — and according to Rachel, that's just as attractive.
"I think intelligence is extremely sexy," she added in the promo. "I want a guy who can have a good time, who can roll with the punches, but I also need him to have some smarts."
Josiah is not worried at all. In fact, his vocabulary is "such on another level" that he's sure he'll win. I'm skeptical.
In fact, things don't look promising for any of the contestants. Up front, Iggy spelled the word "fantastically" incorrectly, and the competition hadn't even started. Something tells me that when we all tune in next week, it will only get worse.
Watch below but, warning, there's secondhand embarrassment ahead:

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