Alison Brie's Entourage Audition Was Peak Entourage

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After making headlines with her Entourage anecdote, Alison Brie tweeted a quick clarification on the subject.
"Re:Entourage - CLARIFICATION - I had a bikini top on UNDER my top. They didn't ask me to get totally topless. Sorry to disappoint you!" the GLOW star wrote on Twitter. The original anecdote suggested that Brie was asked to remove her top entirely.
This story was originally published June 11 at 9:30 p.m.
Alison Brie's new series, GLOW, is set in the world of '80s female wrestling. If that's not enough to grab the attention of TV fans (Golden Age and all), Brie spoke on the importance of making sure that everything that went on behind the scenes at GLOW was as far from the '80s as possible during the ATX Television Festival. That meant that the casting process didn't involve objectification and a room full of guys.
Because, according to Entertainment Weekly, Brie explained that during her audition for Entourage, the casting panel asked her to take her top off. It's a far cry from the goings on at GLOW.
"Early in my career, I auditioned for three lines on an episode of Entourage that I had to go on in a bikini!" Brie said at the festival's GLOW panel. "Or like shorts and the tiniest shorts. And they were like, ‘Okay, can you take your top off now?'"
Brie goes on to explain that the GLOW experience was the complete opposite of that. She may be wearing plenty of stretch Spandex on the show, but she and costar Betty Gilpin didn't have to endure any demeaning requests to nab their spots on the cast. Gilpin added that during one of her early auditions, she was asked to take her hair down before a room full of guys.
Jennifer Euston, GLOW's casting director, expressed her disdain at the panel, saying, "That's gross." But the conversation continued on Twitter, where she said that casting directors and producers were abusing their power during Brie's Entourage audition.
While Entertainment Weekly reports that HBO hasn't issued a statement on Brie's claims, anyone familiar with Entourage's fictional M.O. wouldn't think it too much of a stretch that the slimy practices of Ari Gold and Co. could go on in the show's real-life production. Here's hoping that Euston and the GLOW team make their operations the industry standard from now on.
GLOW, with its girl-power crew, glitz, and glam, hits Netflix on June 23.
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