Some Of You Have Been Mispronouncing Reese's, So Here's The Right Way To Say It

Photographed by Megan Madden.
They are two great tastes that taste great together, but when it comes to naming one of our favorite peanut butter and chocolate treats, are we getting it right? Worry no more (or, more likely, don't start to worry) about how to correctly pronounce the "Reese's" in Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Spoon U has done the research, and the verdict is in.
The sweet treat gets its name from the man who first partnered with Hershey's to concoct the confection. His name was Reese, and these are his peanut butter cups.
"Reese's" is pronounced Ree-sis, not Ree-sees. It rhymes with thesis, singular. Not theses, plural. If you need help with that one, Merriam-Webster has a handy audio button in their online dictionary. Or how about this? Imagine Reese Witherspoon has some candy. If that candy belongs to Ms. Witherspoon, it is Reese's candy. (Of course, if that candy comes in an orange wrapper, that could lead to a situation involving Reese's Reese's.)
Is this all just a case of she said/she said? Are we really in an Anna Faris situation where she insists her name is An-na (and she should know) but so many people still call her Ann-a? Nope, the chocolate masters at Hershey's have spoken, at least through their ads. It is Ree-sis and is not Ree-sees.
Still having trouble? Or just want to keep talking about yummy peanut butter and chocolate snacks? Take this to the next level and think about E.T.'s favorite candy, Reese's pieces. Ree-sis rhymes with pieces. Ree-sees doesn't.
Couldn't care less about how to say it, just looking for new ways to eat it? Hershey's has a ton of recipes on the official Reese's site for desserts such as "Peanut Butter Crumble Cake" or something with the inviting name of "Take-Me-To-A-Picnic Cake."
Either way, whether you're going to a picnic or just parked in front of your computer, you can now be sure you've got it right when you call for your peanut butter cups.

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