The House Of Cards Twitter Account Had The Perfect Reaction To The Comey Hearing

Photo: David Giesbrecht/Netflix.
Today's James Comey hearing may not have the slick production value and binge-worthy intrigue as Netflix' House of Cards, but onlookers are drawing plenty of parallels. The suspense, the high-profile players, the White House looming in the background, and one 6-foot-8 FBI director sitting at the center of it all. Well, the actual House of Cards is taking notice, too, because the show's official Twitter account posted the perfect GIF to sum up the entire situation, as Mashable noted.
The intention may be open to interpretation, but the fact that the show's social media account posted just one thing for the duration of the hearing did make a powerful statement. Early this morning, HoC's social media gurus pulled the perfect GIF, with Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) breaking the fourth wall and offering up an enigmatic, knowing expression.
Fans of the Netflix series know that Underwood is privy to everything (and we mean everything) happening both in the storied halls and corrupt underbelly of our nation's capital, so this may be the show's way of saying that there's plenty bubbling under the surface of today's hearing.
Twitter users were quick to jump behind the GIF, adding their own Underwood images and drawing comparisons between the current administration and the slimy, cutthroat world of House of Cards' fictional D.C. And because nobody knows exactly what's happening in the mind of Frank Underwood, it's safe to say that any speculation — regarding that GIF-able expression and the Comey trial itself — is fair game.
House of Cards' fifth season just hit Netflix, but it looks like real-world politics is giving the show plenty of fodder for its sixth.
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