George & Amal Introduced Their New Twins To His Parents On Skype

George Clooney's parents were at home across the pond when he and Amal's twins, Ella and Alexander, were born in London. But thanks to the wonders of Skype, Nick Clooney and Nina Warren met their grandchildren just two hours after their birth. They're completely smitten, and the couple has already begun debating which baby looks more like George.
“They are gorgeous. Nina swears they have George’s nose,” Clooney, 83, told Cincinnati WXIX anchor Tricia Macke from their home in Kentucky. “Not both of them, one of them. The little boy looked like he had [George’s] nose. His little profile.”
Amal, whose father-in-law aptly describes as a "superwoman," initiated the Skype call so George's parents could meet the newest additions to the Clooney family STAT.
“Both George and Amal are doing wonderfully well,” the doting grandfather said. “George, well, his eyes were glazed so I’m not sure that he was sober." (Grandpa got jokes.)
Julien Hekimian/Getty Images
Amal’s mother, Baria, who was present for the birth (baby gifts in hand), told French News Agency AFP that the entire family is "over the moon."
“It was a beautiful delivery,” she said. “Everything went well. The babies are beautiful and doing well.”
The twins' maternal grandfather, Ramzi Alamuddin, was in Beirut when Ella and Alexander arrived. He told the AFP that, “Everything is perfect. I’m very happy for them. They will be great parents.”
George's parents are eager to meet their grandkids in person, but they don't have any immediate plans to travel to London.
“[George and Amal] have enough on their plate to have some visiting grandparents coming in to London,” Clooney told Macke. “So we’ll leave that one entirely up to them.”

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