These Are The Security Measures Beyoncé Took When She Gave Birth To Blue Ivy

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Every day that goes by without the birth of Beyoncé's twins is, honestly, a waste, but at least it gives us ample time to prepare. While we don't know what we're in for when it comes to the possibility of twins during Gemini season, we can guess what the actual birth might be like based on the hubbub that surrounded the birth of Blue Ivy. Specifically, people were up in arms about the security measures Beyoncé allegedly took at the hospital where Blue was born. Did she really block off an entire wing? Were people separated from their children by bodyguards? And is it going to happen again?
Back in 2012, the New York Times spoke to some disgruntled parents who alleged that Lenox Hill Hospital in New York gave Beyoncé preferential treatment to the detriment of its other patients. Individuals told the Times that the maternity ward windows were covered, the security cameras taped over with paper, and certain areas of the hospital were suddenly off-limits, trapping parents and sometimes separating them from their children, including those in neonatal units.
"It was just really disgusting," C-section patient Ms. Nash-Coulon told the outlet. "We really believe the hospital is culpable in this because they didn’t let us know what was happening. And the security of our children is at risk when you cover security cameras."
"I was almost restrained and so were my children," expecting mother Tanisha Newton told Entertainment Weekly about how she was asked to leave the floor. "It was bad because look who they are. They been pushing, tugging, [saying], 'Ma'am you have to move. This is a secluded area."
However, Entertainment Weekly reports that the hospital didn't receive any complaints from customers, and Lenox Hill adamantly denies that patients were prevented from accessing the neonatal intensive unit, and that they're "troubled by the misinformation being circulated in some news media reports."
"The hospital has been and still continues to be in control of managing all security at the facility," spokesman Frank Danza said in a statement. "We have made every effort to ensure minimal disruption to other families experiencing the births of their own children over the past three days."
We may never know exactly what went down that January Saturday, but it's safe to assume that when it comes to her babies, Beyoncé will take every precaution possible to keep them safe.

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