This Man Bun Video Is Going Viral For The Most Misleading Reason

What if all you needed to boost your confidence and repair a damaged self-esteem was a new hairstyle? That’s the idea behind the viral video below, which shows a young man experiencing a complete mind-body transformation as he goes from acting like the blob in antidepressant commercials to the life of the party — all thanks to a clip-in man bun. With the man bun, he’s a self-assured lady killer; without it, he’s… just a guy.
“Feeling insecure?” the video asks. “The bun is your cure.” Indeed, the video’s star does seem to feel much more comfortable in his own skin when he is wearing a fake man bun. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with that — after all, plenty of women rely on extensions and weaves to enhance their appearance to their liking.
The video has been viewed a remarkable 38 million times since it was uploaded a mere three days ago, which means that, if you had a dollar for every time someone watched it, you could pay President Donald Trump’s taxes back in 2005.
If your man bun makes you feel like Kit Harington, or Jared Leto, or any of the other conventionally attractive men advertised on the Amazon listing for a $14.99 Clip On Instant Man Bun, then by all means, go forth. Wear the bun. Love the bun. Be the bun you wish to see in the world. But when someone tells you that you don’t need confidence, you just need the bun, take that advice with a grain of salt. As you're probably aware, things aren't always that simple.

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