Chrissy Teigen Is In Seth Rogen's Hometown So He Kindly Gave Her Some Food Recs

Photo: CJ Rivera/Getty Images.
When we visit a new place, we usually make sure to do our research. We read guide books and Yelp reviews to try and find the best places to eat. But, we’re also always sure to ask the locals where they like to dine just in case there are any hidden gems. Turns out, some celebs like to do the same thing. Seth Rogen just shared his favorite hometown food spots with fellow foodie Chrissy Teigen.
After a bit of a break, most of which seems to have been spent making pho, Chrissy Teigen is back on the road with husband John Legend for his Darkness and Light tour. According to a recent tweet from Teigen, the pair is now in British Columbia. Yesterday, she wrote on social media, “In Vancouver! Hi Vancouver!” Just four short minutes after she tweeted her whereabouts, Seth Rogen, who is originally from Vancouver, responded with some insider secrets. He wrote, “Food recs? Phnom Penh Cambodian wings. Go Fish tacos. Asian night Market in Richmond for everything. Maenam Thai food.”
While many fan appreciated Seth Rogen's kind but unsolicited advice — his response has been liked over 1,000 times — Chrissy Teigen hasn't respond just yet. We did some Googling to see if Teigen and Rogen know each other, and the only results we found of the two being mentioned together were a few articles from last holiday season explaining which celebrities are "obsessed over Hatchimals." So, no, we do not believe that these two stars have ever interacted in real life, although they do seem to have a couple important things in common — a love for food and Hatchimals. But, nothing brings people together like a shared love of a restaurant. Who knows, perhaps she is currently enjoying those Phnom Penh Cambodian wings and a new foodie friendship will be born?! We'll be paying close attention to her social media accounts today to find out.

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