A Woman Recreated Her Viral Pregnancy Video With Her Newborn & You Have To See It

Dancer Gemma Marin became Internet-famous earlier this year for the videos she posted of herself dancing through pregnancy. She and her partner Israel Duffus performed routines to celebrate the little one they had on the way — and then to attempt to induce labor after 40 weeks of pregnancy, The Huffington Post reports.
The couple's joyful dances, which Marin posted to Instagram with sweet captions like "three people one soul," are equal parts impressive and adorable. But there is one thing that's even more adorable: the dance they did with their daughter Alexandra (or "#DancingAlexandra," as Marin called her) right after she was born.
In a new video, they're doing the same moves they did in an earlier one, but Alexandra's attached to Duffus's chest. Marin combined this one with another from winter so we can watch their family grow. "The 24th of February, we posted a video dancing, just for fun," she wrote. "It became viral around the all world. We are so grateful for having all of you following the last part of my pregnancy, and our life with Alexandra. Her FIRST DANCE is dedicated to all of YOU. THANK YOU for all your support, we love you. Be ready for the next ones!!"
Marin has also been posting photos of the couple and their baby cuddling, wearing matching shirts, and competing in a diaper-changing race. Is anybody else in love with this family?
"I think anything you do with your baby in your belly feels wonderful, because you are sharing it with her," Marin told Cosmo. Now that her daughter's out of her stomach, it looks like she's finding even more ways to share her passion for dancing with her. We would not be surprised if little Alexandra grew up to be a dancer herself.

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