Diane Kruger Has To Get This Tattoo Now Because She Lost A Bet

Photo: James Gourley/REX/Shutterstock
Diane Kruger is about to get inked thanks for the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. The actress just received a big honor at this year's festivities, but with the news likely came a rush of panic as she realized she needed to follow through on a previous bet she made, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.
(Hint: Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy made a similar bet while filming The Revenant.)
The 40-year-old actress received a top honor at the festival, winning best actress at the film festival for her emotional role in the German film, Into The Fade, where she stars as a mourning woman hell-bent on justice following the murder of her husband in a terrorist attack. It's the actresses first German language production, and according to the critics and the festival judge's reviews, it appears ta riveting role worthy of the accolades.
But is it worth the bet she made to get there?
According to Fatih Akin, director of Into the Fade, Kruger made a bet with him that the movie would never make it into Cannes. And with that bet, she surely did not think she would walk away with the title of best actress — but, alas, she did and now she's going to have the memory permanently inked on her. Akin tells AFP that she said she would get a traditional anchor tattoo, THR writes. Akin already says he has a tattoo parlor in mind — one that's not too far from his home in Hamburg Germany, where the award-winning film also takes place. According to Allure.com, Kruger is especially not into tattoos and has previously admitted: "I don't find them hot."
The silver lining? It appears the size of the anchor tat was never dictated in the bet. (And DiCaprio isn't the one designing it.)
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