The Game Of Thrones Cast Thinks They Know Which Stark Kid Would Make Ned Most Proud

Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO.
If only Ned Stark was still here to see his kids now — well, the few that have managed to survive long enough to see season 7 — he'd be proud. But, which Stark kid would Ned be most proud of? The actors that play the remaining Starks on Game Of Thrones are making their guesses known to Entertainment Weekly.
Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa, thought Arya with her little sword Needle and her kill list has become an "independent young girl" that would make her dear ol' dad proud. "Just because he was always very, very supportive of her doing what she wanted and going against the grain," Turner said.
But Arya herself, Maisie Williams thinks it was her big sister Sansa that would impress her dad most. "They've all made changes," Williams said, "but I think she's made the most shocking change." Something Turner agreed with, joking later in the clip that she would have picked Sansa, too, but didn't want to "offend anyone." No offense taken Sophie, Sansa deserves a win after all she's been through.
The Stark guys were less inclined to spill the tea on which kid would be Ned's favorite. Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Bran) decided not to pit the kids against one another and just go #TeamStark. “The Starks are their own unit,” he said, “and Ned would be proud of all of them.” Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, seemed to agree, telling EW, “They’ve all survived horrific things. I think Ned being Ned, he wouldn’t really want to favor any of the kids."
But Harington was soon changing his answer. It seems he couldn't deny that Arya is nothing to mess with. "I think Arya has shown the most sort of tenacity," he explained.
Of course, Jon Snow deserves some love too. Hello, he came back from the dead! But, Ned Stark's illegitimate son, who isn't really his son at all, as we learned last season, may have to find some love from his real dad's family, the Targaryens. Hopefully, Jon Snow will be spending a lot of time onscreen with his aunt Daenerys this season.

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