Watch Gordon Ramsay Tear Stephen Colbert's Sandwich-Making Skills Apart

Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS.
A couple months ago, Stephen Colbert dropped several not-so-subtle hints that he wanted to cook with Ina Garten. Included in those hilarious hints was a tweet that read, “Hey @inagarten, saw you baked elephant ears. Thought we had plans? Had to make them alone. (easy & delicious, thanks for the recipe!)” Though the Barefoot Contessa did eventually respond with her own clever Twitter remarks and a expertly photoshopped image, we suspect Colbert still hasn’t had the opportunity to spend any time in the kitchen with Ina. Recently, however, he did get to prepare a meal with another celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay.
This past weekend, Chef Ramsay appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss his new series The F Word, which premieres tomorrow night on Fox. The two also ended up discussing each other’s native cuisine. After Ramsay dissed grits and deep fried turkey, Colbert said that English food is basically all “filtration organs.” Toward the end of the segment, after the pair covered more relevant topics like why we’ll see Gordon Ramsay disguised as a goateed man named James in his new show, Colbert pulled out a cutting board with all the ingredients needed to make a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
The Late Show host prepared the PB&J, and Chef Ramsay, true to form, ripped Colbert’s technique apart. To the delight of the audience, Ramsay criticized him for using “anemic” white bread and for not spreading the peanut butter and jelly to the very edge of the slices. Though seeing the chef's trademark brutality used on one of our favorite late night talk show hosts gave us a good laugh, the pressure did seem to get to Colbert. Perhaps poor Stephen really would do a lot better with a more compassionate and patient teacher like Ina.

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