You Can Get A Trump-Pence Subscription Box For $69 A Month

Photo: AP/REX/Shutterstock.
President Trump's reelection campaign team is all about the merch, selling everything from trucker hats to tote bags to pint glasses. The latest addition to its shop takes it to the next level, though: You can now order a Trump-Pence monthly subscription box. That's right, for just $69 a month, you can receive a "Big League Box" stuffed with Trump-Pence T-shirts, buttons, stickers, and mugs every 30 days. What a deal!
The subscription box was advertised to supporters in an email that read, "The President wanted to make sure you got this special offer." It described the "Big League Box" as a "handpicked bundle of exclusive and vintage OFFICIAL" Trump merchandise. The email claimed there's a limited number of boxes, urging people to sign up immediately.
CNN's Betsy Klein tweeted photos of the email, drawing an apt comparison to Birchbox's monthly beauty boxes.
It's worth noting that Birchbox only charges $10 a month for five sample products, making the "Big League Box" almost seven times as expensive. Birchbox has also had a tough time, carrying out two rounds of layoffs in 2016.
The $69 a month (which comes out to $828 a year) will go toward President Trump's reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee.
Because the 2020 election is still more than three years away, and the email doesn't clarify what the Trump Make America Great Again Committee will use the money for, it's an odd move. If the U.S. was in the middle of a presidential election, sure. Why not? But offering a Trump-Pence subscription box four months into his presidency makes no sense.
And considering the 2016 election is still fresh, it's unclear what the "vintage" merch will be. Either the campaign is already classifying 2016 Trump-Pence merch as "vintage," or the box will include older Trump-branded items from the Trump Organization. Maybe Trump-branded wine or steaks?

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