This Dad Had A Delightfully Extra Response When His Daughter Canceled Plans

Depending on your relationship with your parents, canceling on plans with them can either be no big deal, or it can be a clustered mess of guilt trips. For 18-year-old Justine Biticon, it is the latter — possibly in the most hilarious way possible.
On Friday, Biticon tweeted screencaps of an exchange between herself and her dad after she had to bail on hanging out with him.
"everytime i cancel any plan with my dad he does this whole thing to me and i realize where my extra-ness comes from," she tweeted.
As you can read from the exchange, Biticon had to cancel on going to the gym with him, and then ended up not needing a ride from him at the airport.
"Okay mija," he replied. "I see how it is.... First u don't go to the gym whit me and now u don't want me to pick u up at the airport.... It's ok ...."
Despite Biticon's assurance that she loves him no matter how old he gets, he couldn't resist taking his playful ribbing further, replying, "It's ok.... I'm going to hold my breath until I die now......"
"Tell your future kids that I love them.... Just bcz they are kids of my favorite daughter...." he continued.
But the real "extra-ness" comes when Biticon playfully asks, "r u dead."
"The number you have dial is now dead please don't try to call again," he replied. "If you text to this number again, you will be charged whit a long distance fee. Heaven is really far away."
If you thought that wasn't enough, his follow-up text was even better.
"And sadly, your dad is not there," he texted. "Hell is even more expensive."
Twitter users everywhere are falling in love with Biticon's dad (and some can probably relate to his extremely extra dad texts) — at the time of writing, her tweet has over 96,000 retweets and 289,000 likes. The tweet became so popular that she even shared photos of her dad for everyone to see.
She also added that she has two brothers, but she's her dad's "favorite daughter" because she's the only daughter.
Here's to Biticon's "extremely Mexican" father, the ultimate king of extra-ness.
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