Pretty Little Liars Finale Pics Might Have A Wedding Spoiler

Photo: Eric McCandless/Freeform.
Pretty Little Liars fans already know that the show's end will include a wedding (showrunner I. Marlene King confirmed it). But knowing how much she loves to throw curveballs, fans aren't convinced that the most obvious set of vows will actually make it to the screen. Last season, Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding) got engaged. In true PLL fashion, however, their engagement hasn't been the stuff of romance novels. With Nicole's untimely return from the dead (hate when that happens) and a little thing called A.D. to deal with, wedding plans are probably on the back burner.
Thanks to some photos from the final episodes, fans are throwing all logic and reason to the wind and taking their magnifying glasses to each and every pixel. Of course, many of the snapshots showed the Liars in solidarity: holding hands, sharing hugs, and supporting each other while a huge mystery looms over the group. One picture, in particular, is giving fans some hope that the impending wedding will include Aria and Ezra.
One photo shows the Liars huddled around a table with what appears to be a game called Liar's Lament laid out (meta, much?). While most people would be looking to the board game for clues, fans note that Aria's ring finger is glittering with what could be a wedding ring. Ezria fans, don't give up just yet.
Another photo shows the ring again, although viewers will need to zoom in really, really close to see it nearly hidden behind Hale's right hand. Although that's two cases of rock-solid proof that Aria and Ezra's relationship isn't going anywhere, it's not a guarantee that the Liars will be attending their nuptials. With a murderous villain loose, a two-hour finale, and a time jump (so these pics could be pre-jump) anything can happen. Until the final credits roll, the fan theories will fly.
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