The Beast From Beauty & The Beast Looks Ridiculous Without CGI

Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.
It's not a secret that a lot of CGI effects went into making Dan Stevens the titular monster in March's Beauty and the Beast. But most of us didn't put a ton of thought into how Stevens looked while filming the scenes for the movie. That is, until photos of the CGI-less Beast starting making their way around the internet.
As People reported in March, Stevens wore a 40-lb. "muscle suit" and stilt-like moon shoes to play the Beast.
"Ultimately we went for a fusion of technologies," Stevens told People of the Beast's appearance. "[It was] traditional motion capture and puppeteering of a big muscle suit on stilts. I was inside this 40–lb. thing covered in gray lycra and marker dots."
So, we knew a lot of work went into his portrayal — and that the effects team spent a long time on the animation. But until the new photos were released, we didn't realize just how elaborate the Beast's transformation was.
Here's Stevens in the Beast suit, filming the iconic ballroom scene with Emma Watson, who played Belle in the film. As the Twitter account who posted the GIF points out, it's pretty impressive that Watson was able to film the whole movie alongside Stevens in his Beast getup without breaking character or laughing the entire time. And Stevens' ability to maneuver in the stilt shoes was no small feat, either.
Personally, I think the below joke should have the images switched, since many people apparently find the Beast hotter than the human prince.
Another Twitter user joked that Disney should release a version of the film that features Stevens in the Beast suit, sans CGI. I'd be on board.
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